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Rambling on: where to go for a walk near Staines-Upon-Thames

Posted by jane on 16th May 2019
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It’s been scientifically proven that getting outside for a walk relieves stress, boosts endorphins, improves mental health and can even have immune-system-boosting effects! With that in mind, we’re really lucky in Staines-Upon-Thames to have some fantastic walking routes nearby which will help with all of the above, with the added bonus of wildlife spotting along your stroll!

Here are some of our favourites

Staines-Upon-Thames to Windsor

If you’re up for a bit of a distance wander, you can walk along the Thames Path National Trail for 9 miles. It’s an ideal route for beginners, with no pesky hills, and there are lots of things to spot along your way including the monument to the Magna Carta where the Magna Carta was sealed. After a brief stop for lunch, drink, and a breather you might want to put your explorer hat back on and find Windsor Castle!

If you don’t fancy the 9-mile hike return journey, there are trains which run regularly between Windsor Riverside Station and Staines.

For more detailed directions for this walk, visit:  https://www.thames-path.org.uk/thames_staines_windsor.html

Walking from Staines upon Thames to Windsor

Lammas Lakes and Staines Moor

If 9 miles sounds like a bit of an undertaking, perhaps the 2-mile loop trail featuring a lake is more your cup of tea. This route is also suitable for wheelchairs and is also stroller-friendly, an inclusive path for all ages and abilities to enjoy the great outdoors!

This route is an especially great spot for nature-lovers and bird watchers to get their fix within a largely suburban area, and some of you might also be pleased to know that it also involves passing The Bells pub – paramount for refreshments!

For detailed instructions for this route, visit: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/england/surrey/lammas-lakes-and-staines-moor?referrer=ifootpath

Take a walk around lammas lakes in staines

Staines-Upon-Thames historical walk

Staines Historical Walk takes in Staines War Memorial

If history is more likely to pique your interest, this historical walk is 10 miles in total but is divided into 5 sections so you can pick and choose what you would most like to see, and how far you’d like to walk.

For lots of historical facts and information starting with the Romans, visit https://sites.google.com/site/staineshistoricalwalks/ where you can download each of the five sections of the suggested route, as well as learn an awful lot about the history of Staines-Upon-Thames.

Do you have a favourite walk in the local area which we haven’t talked about? Please let us know!

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