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The 6 Reasons Staines-upon-Thames Rental Properties Could Inflation Proof Your Savings? 10 Jun 2022

  • Inflation (and recessions) can be nerve racking for people and their hard-earned savings and wealth.
  • Yet there [...]

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3 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Stop Being a Staines-upon-Thames Buy-to-Let Landlord 2 Oct 2021

Staines-upon-Thames Buy-to-Let Market on the Rise as Returns Rise by 26.2% in 5 Years 1 Oct 2021

Staines-upon-Thames Buy-to-Let Market on the Rise as Returns Rise by 26.2% in 5 Years Landlords of Staines-upon-Thames are becoming progressively [...]

Staines-upon-Thames Homeowners Have Turned to the Rental Market to Cash in by £11,700 Each 31 Aug 2021

Should you sell or should you buy in this most interesting Staines-upon-Thames property market? Read more in this article.

£808,870 – ‘Wood’ You Pay That for a Staines-upon-Thames Terraced House? 7 Jul 2021

The value of an average Staines-upon-Thames terraced house is £808,870. We discuss different buying options in Staines-Upon-Thames.

Staines-upon-Thames Buy-to-Let Landlords Owed £524,711 in Unpaid Rent. Rogues or Saviours? 22 Jun 2021

There is no getting away from the fact that the rise in the number of buy-to-let properties in Staines-upon-Thames has [...]

Staines-upon-Thames Homebuyers Have Saved £236,790 Thanks to the Stamp Duty Holiday – Yet Many Could Miss Out 29 May 2021

Staines-upon-Thames homebuyers and Staines-upon-Thames landlords purchasing residential property have saved £236,790 since the Chancellor reduced stamp duty on 8th July [...]

34.3% of Staines-upon-Thames Landlords Could be Fined £5,000 each with New Energy Regs 25 May 2021

As the UK has committed to a legally binding target to be carbon neutral by 2050, one of the biggest [...]