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Oasis Land and New Homes

Our Land & New Homes department is run by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals with over 60 years’ experience. Find out a little more about Chris and Steven who you can turn to for advice and insight, and how their experience can help you secure the profitable result you’re looking for

Steven the Managing Director of Oasis comments:

“One of the most important parts of our business is Land & New Homes and we have built our reputation on the tried and tested values of excellent service and great advice. We have been established in the area since 2004 and are perfectly placed for all land and new homes’ needs. Oasis Land and New Homes works with private buyers and sellers of land, as well as institutional investors, small-to-medium sized developers and national housebuilders. Oasis Land and New Homes Director Chris Chambers works on investment and development land with a predominant focus on delivering residential or PRS opportunities.

Chris and I are proud to offer a unique understanding of these opportunities and are armed with extensive market-specific knowledge; we can provide you with the tools to evaluate the highest and best use of a land parcel. Chris and the team have immediate access to key market data, including the sales data that is critical to determining and providing solutions for complex land situations. Our professionals provide the resources, support and brokerage expertise needed to maximize the market presence of our clients and satisfy their land needs”

Steven Harvey

Founder and Managing Director

As MD of OASiS, Steven is based in our prestigious landmark office right in the heart of Staines-Upon-Thames where he’s always available to clients and the rest of the team.

Chris Chambers

Land and New Homes Director

Chris is dedicated to providing the best possible advice and service to all landowners, builders, developers and owner sellers. If you need advice Chris would be very keen to help.

Click on the link to download our Oasis land and new homes network brochure.

Development Showcase

Please find below some of the developments Oasis and the team have sold. I would be happy to assist any developer with the pricing and marketing of your development.

From single plots to 500 units plus,  I am very happy to be of service

For a free consultation, please do call Chris on his mobile 07507 401 924 if you have any questions… he will be delighted to help!

Our land director Chris Chambers can help you maximise the value of your asset. 

You may already be thinking…”What is my land worth?” Chris and the land team can help you to achieve planning permission. A great deal of knowledge, patience and technical experience is required. This is one of the areas Chris can help you with.

Chris can help sell your land for you.  He will ‘hold your hand’ and guide you through the process of selling to a house builder, developer or end-user.

Chris and the land team, work with many housebuilders, planning consultants, architects and property developers, large and small, right across the UK and can help achieve the very best price for you.

For a free consultation, please do call Chris on his mobile 07507 401 924 if you have any questions… he will be delighted to help!

Does my land have potential?

Do you have a large garden, or land that could form a land assembly with other neighbours? Do you own commercial premises that could be developed or strategic land, or own a site with planning history?

I have already applied for planning consent!

Well done! We can provide development consultancy advice, including pricing and market research, in readiness for when you obtain planning consent.

It is worth serious consideration if you decide not to carry out the building works yourself as there is more to it than meets the eye!

It is worth bearing in mind that many housebuilders and property developers will work closely and in partnership with landowners to ensure that a planning application is one that will appeal to a house builder.

Chris will be delighted to have an open and honest conversation with you – he is here to help you achieve the best planning consent you can.

Chris will give you the guidance needed to overcome the most pressing issues and once these have been dealt with, a subsequent application will not be too harshly contested.

Please do not give up and many planning applications are refused first time. Chris can help you reappraise the scheme, and perhaps help you find a purchaser, who will take on the challenge themselves of obtaining the planning consent. You could work together with a potential buyer on the basis that, once the planning application is granted, they will proceed with the purchase.

There are many options open to you and again, Chris is here to help you every step of the way.

Planning has already been refused

Please….do not panic! It is not the end of the world, just the start of another journey, that is all. We can take your planning application in a new direction.

I have achieved planning!

Firstly: WELL DONE! Your perseverance has paid off and now is the perfect time to review your options.

You have an asset which is hugely valuable and appealing to many housebuilders and developers, who typically don’t have the time and resources to speculate on buying land on a ‘subject to planning’ basis.

You may well be wondering whether to build the consented scheme yourself or sell the site on. At this stage, it’s best to get an up-to-date land valuation – one that considers the recently-achieved planning consent – as well as an appraisal on the value of the new build units so that you can understand the gross development value.

It may well be that it makes financial sense to cash-out now without undertaking the building work. Either way, we can guide you before you need to make any big decisions. And if you decide to explore selling the land, Chris and the land team have the contacts to know who will offer a competitive rate.

We excel in delivering all the necessary elements for the successful launch of a development, and we have the expertise and commitment to fully support a project for its duration through the Land & New Homes Network. Together, you have access to a network of 300 leading land and new homes agencies across the country.

We have considerable experience of managing site sales operations for our clients and you can count on our network of agents across the UK to represent your company professionally and to uphold your best interests.

We also have worked with many of the UK’s leading housebuilders and appreciate the finer details of working with premium developers. With our network, you can achieve unrivalled exposure for the development within an extensive catchment area, as well as throughout our UK network of non-competing estate agents.

My site is under construction

Chris, together with Steven the Managing Director and the team, are very proud to have made a name for ourselves in the land and new homes market by not only understanding the needs of housebuilders and landowners, but by offering our property consultant services that support growth.


The following categories of land are of interest to us

Half an acre or more of back garden

Half an acre or more of back garden

When it comes to development, these are sites right on their own doorstep which owners often forget to consider.

They could be at the end of a long garden, or perhaps to one side of an existing plot, or indeed any other spare ground in a residential area. 

Several neighbours with adjoining plots

Several neighbours with
adjoining plots

There’s usually strength in numbers – so if you’ve not yet met with your neighbours to talk through the possibilities of development on site by combining several plots, then we’re happy to bring you all together, to see how you could benefit from working as a team.

Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

These are likely to be places where an existing business is past its heyday, or would willingly consider moving elsewhere – such as pubs, factories, office blocks, garages, retail units, catteries or kennels.

Come and talk to us, and we can show you what the potential for development might be. 

Redundant agricultural buildings

Redundant agricultural buildings

Together we can breathe some life into these old properties. which have been left forgotten and unloved. They often have a rural appeal which can be retained with sensitive development.

So, whether it’s a barn, cowshed, piggery or hayloft – or even an entire farmyard – we’d like to hear from you.

Remember: if your land does not have planning permission – or even if it has had planning permission previously refused – it could well be precisely what we are looking for.

So if you think your land might fit the bill, get in touch with us.

Our appraisal is absolutely free, there’s no pressure and no obligation to act on our advice.

Call us now for immediate attention on 07507 401 924 or email chris.chambers@oasisland.co.uk

How much is my
land worth?

Land Enquiry/Have a question?

Feel free to contact our friendly team and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.