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Valuing your investment is not an exact science. There is no precise formula or ‘square footage’ equation to follow. The size of the property is important, as is the location, character and condition. So when it comes to valuing what will probably be your most valuable single asset, we bring a combination of expertise, local insight and market knowledge to the process.


At OASiS we are not afraid to share the honest statistics on the properties that we let.

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Here’s something refreshingly different that you can’t get on any online property website… specific local knowledge not only of the types of properties in our part of the world, but also their histories, their relative appeal, the patterns of market values over the years. You can’t get that kind of hard-earned insight simply by inputting a post-code and the number of bedrooms!

The members of our valuation team have over 100 years experience between them. Headed up by our founder and owner Steven Harvey, they have successfully valued and then more importantly let over 1500 properties in the local area, everything from 1-bed investment flats to substantial riverside and family homes. Where possible, more than one of our team members will come along when we do the ‘market appraisal’ of your property, ensuring that we deliver a fair and balanced view.



We will compare your home with other current stock competing for tenants on the market, both within our own portfolio and amongst those listed with other agents on the web. We use recent lets of comparative properties to give an accurate point of reference. Whilst every property is unique there are usually similar sales we can draw upon to gauge market views on price.


Our market-leading software generates an extensive report on individual property postcodes and a copy of this will be given to you at the market appraisal. Whilst this is a useful guide to the value of the area it doesn’t have the ability to recognise the unique features of your property.



Imagine technology so smart that it knows when your potential buyer or tenant is looking for a new home even before they do!

The majority of active property searches begin online but sometimes potential buyers aren’t even looking yet.

These passive buyers account for an additional 50% of the market and that’s what makes Engage so clever.

Engage creates up to 72 different versions of your property advert, tailoring messages and images to appeal to specific audiences.