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Wages Rising by 8.3% pa – How Will This Affect the Staines-upon-Thames Property Market? 23 Sep 2021

Read this article to find out why wages are increasing and how this affects the Staines-Upon-Thames property market.

Only 1 in 18 Staines-upon-Thames Properties are Bungalows, Despite an Ageing Population. Why? 17 Aug 2021

There are 625 bungalows in Staines-upon-Thames. When you consider there are 11,039 properties in Staines-upon-Thames, that means only 5.66% of property [...]

Staines-upon-Thames Homebuyers Have Saved £236,790 Thanks to the Stamp Duty Holiday – Yet Many Could Miss Out 29 May 2021

Staines-upon-Thames homebuyers and Staines-upon-Thames landlords purchasing residential property have saved £236,790 since the Chancellor reduced stamp duty on 8th July [...]

Staines-upon-Thames Property Market Improved by 33.8% Over Pre-pandemic Levels 29 Mar 2021

Despite the pandemic the Staines-upon-Thames property market, for people looking to sell, is at its sturdiest for at least the [...]

12% Drop in Staines-upon-Thames Homes ‘For Sale’ in Last 3 Months 4 Feb 2021

Less Staines-upon-Thames properties have been coming onto the property market since the new year. This has prompted a 12% drop [...]

Staines-upon-Thames Property Market: Is it Time to Stamp Out Stamp Duty? 28 Jan 2021

Most people pay Stamp Duty Tax when they buy a property, house, apartment or other land and buildings over a particular [...]

Will the Staines-upon-Thames Property Market Crash in 2021? 11 Dec 2020

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Property repossessions at an all time low 26 Feb 2019

GREAT NEWS! Property repossessions are at their lowest level since 1981, with nearly 700 fewer properties repossessed than in 2017. Just [...]

How do outstanding schools affect house prices? 5 Sep 2018

The new school year is underway for over 10 million children across England and Wales and school catchments rate highly [...]

Oasis Tips: Improve your chances of getting a mortgage 17 Jan 2018

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