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Our Land & New Homes department is run by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals. Find out a little more about Steven who you can turn to for advice and insight, and how their experience can help you secure the profitable result you’re looking for.

Steven Harvey Founder & Managing Director
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I take great pride in helping clients build wealth through smart property investment and I am committed to providing a discrete and exceptional service.

Gemma Draper Land and New Homes Director
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With over 20 years of experience in the Property industry. Specialising predominantly in advising and supporting sports and media professionals with their investment and property portfolios, I take pride in providing the highest service standards and keeping up with my ongoing professional development. There’s always something new to learn in this industry and if it’s out there I want to know it. I am NAEA qualified and have in-depth experience in, Sales, Lettings, Land, New Homes, Investments and Portfolio Building. I am an approachable and passionate individual who has always put my clients first, encouraging the entire team to do the same.

Michelle Whittle Investments Consultant

Property Investment Made Simple

OASiS Investments is your partner in all things property investment. Our experience and knowledge of the UK property market makes us the perfect partner to help shape your property investment goals.

What Does OASiS Investments Do?

We work with our clients to shape their property investment portfolios in to highly successful, income generating assets. Whether you are investing for personal gain or have a property investment business we will evaluate your strategy and give recommendations on potential opportunities based on your goals and aspirations.

We work with various types of investors, from beginners looking to start traditional buy-to-let investments to experienced portfolio owners.

Our experienced team of property investment experts can support you during your research by providing country-wide insight on local markets and upcoming investments.

Our aim is to make the investment process as easy as possible for our clients to navigate with sound, honest and transparent, advice tailored to your specific goals and aspirations. Every client is unique and there is never a one size fits all approach.


Step 1: Discovery Exploring

The first step of every journey with Oasis Investments is to understand your goals and aspirations and more importantly, getting to know each other. Establishing a strong relationship in these early stages is very important to us.

We need to understand the way you invest and what you are looking to achieve. You may have entered the UK property market unexpectedly through inheritance or are looking to benefit from a passive form of income – whatever the reason, it is important to keep your motivations at the forefront of your mind when it comes to decision making. Our advice and your motivations will lead to successful investments in property.

Step 2: Evaluation

Now that we have defined your objectives it’s now time to assess your current investments and align them to your goals. As experts in the UK property market, we can help assess the current performance of your assets, and explore how introducing a new investment might shape this.

We can provide a concise evaluation on all aspects of your portfolio, from management costs, net and gross yields and all important returns on your investment to defining your borrowing position.

This evaluation will enable us to make actionable investment recommendations.

Step 3: Strategy

Now we have evaluated your investments we can begin to build a clear investment strategy for you, with jargon free recommendations. No matter your experience level, our strategy will enable you to make informed decisions that align with your objectives.

We can make recommendations on specific assets, investment markets and even efficient property structures, ensuring you have a complete picture of your strategy from start to finish.

Step 4: Action Implementation

Now that you have a clear strategy, our team of property experts are ready to help you implement it. Our team works with an extensive network of contacts to partner you with the most suited investments, whilst expertly guiding you throughout the process. Our ongoing support means that we can continually evaluate your portfolio and provide further optimised investments.


If you know someone who’s invested in property, you’ve probably heard all their stories of how it’s given them financial and lifestyle freedom. But investing in property also comes with a degree of risk, so it’s important you know what to expect if you’re a beginner or keen to invest in property for the first time. This page explains how to invest in property, the different investment opportunities that are out there and everything you’ll need to consider before you take the plunge, and of course when you are ready, we will be there for you every step of the way.

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We often have investment properties for sale, with tenants in situ, that are marketed exclusively to our clients. These properties offer great yields but may not be advertised online. We also have opportunities to purchase new builds in bulk at a discount. For further information on these investment opportunities please contact us on 01784 441818.

Swans View

Multiple plots available in this luxury development in the heart of Staines-upon-Thames

Oakview House

A development of three houses and six apartments located in the highly desirable South Croydon location.

Fairview House

A development of nine luxury apartments situated in Purley


For existing landlords, knowing the RENTAL YIELD generated by their property or portfolio is key to understanding the return they’re getting on their investment.
For new investors, RENTAL YIELD is equally as important when buying property – but can be difficult to understand.


Rental yield is the annual return you achieve from renting out a property.

Your property’s yield tells you the percentage return your rental income is generating against the property’s original purchase price.


To calculate your property’s rental yield:

  1. Take your property’s annual rental income
  2. Take your property’s purchase price, or current market value
  3. Divide the annual rental income by the price / value
  4. Multiply the figure you get by 100 to give you the yield percentage

For example, let’s say you’ve purchased a new rental property for £180,000 and you’re charging your tenant £800 per month (£9,600 per year) in rent.

This is how you’d calculate your yield:

  • Divide 9,600 by 180,000 = 0.053
  • 0.053 x 100 = 5.3% rental yield


Gross rental yield is calculated based on your property’s value against what it generates in rental income – and doesn’t factor in any costs associated with renting out a property, which might include:

  • Letting agent fees
  • Maintenance
  • Landlord insurance policies

To work out your net rental yield, deduct your costs from your annual rental income, then divide this figure by your property’s value and multiply by 100 to give you your net yield percentage.


Rental yields, like property prices and monthly rent figures, vary depending on where you are investing.

Generally, a gross rental yield of 5% or more has always been considered to be a ‘good’ figure, although higher yields can be found in certain areas of the UK.




You may have read stories saying the buy-to-let boom is over. And while it’s true landlords are faced with more legislation and compliance than ever before, buy-to-lets remain a great investment. Getting on the property ladder remains extremely difficult for younger people, so landlords who provide stand-out rental properties will see continued demand from tenants. Rightmove’s Rental Price Tracker for Q2 2021 revealed average rents outside of London had hit a new record of £1,000 per calendar month, while rents were 6.2% higher than in the first quarter of 2021. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, where you’ll generate an income as well as any capital growth, buy-to-lets could be the right option for you.


Property development can be a great short-term investment strategy. By finding a property in need of renovation work, you may be able to add value before selling the completed home for a profit. However, how much you make can be dictated by several factors, including:

  • What you pay for the property in the first place
  • How much you spend on renovation work
  • How quickly you complete the work
  • The market conditions and demand from buyers

The more time you spend renovating, the more likely you could be hindered by changes to the market. Costs can also rise over a long period of time, all of which can eat into your profits.

Then there’s finding the right property in the first place. Auctions can be a good place to buy property at value and often homes in need of work come up as ‘lots’. Buying from auction can sometimes mean a lack of knowledge about a property, though, so always study the legal pack and try to visit the property before raising your hand with a bid.

Like buy-to-let, you’ll need to stay on the right side of your finances when developing property too and factor in any nasty surprises that could delay your renovation work or cost you more than you bargained for. But it’s possible to make great profits in short spaces of time if you do property development well and buy low, renovate cost-effectively and sell on quickly.


‘Re-assignment’ is one of those property investment strategies that often sounds too good to be true. In its purest sense, flipping sees you buy a new-build property off-plan during a development’s early stages. Then, in a rising market, you sell the property on for an increased price once the build is complete. In a market enjoying strong capital growth and high buyer demand, ‘Re-assignment’ is a way to make money from property with minimal effort. But it’s a risky strategy for several reasons:

  • In a falling market, with low demand, you could be stuck with a property you can’t sell
  • The build could be delayed, and the market could change
  • New-build properties can drop in price if they’re sold quickly by their first owner as, technically, they’re no longer ‘new’ despite not having been lived in


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) enable you to invest in property without actually becoming the owner of the asset. Instead, you invest in the trust that buys up properties and rents them out in the same you would if you were to become a landlord. You’re then paid dividends based on how the trust’s properties are performing. Because of the way returns are paid to investors, REITs come with certain tax considerations, so always speak to an independent tax advisor before investing.


If you’re keen to start investing in property, there are lots of stages you’ll need to go through and many, many considerations you’ll need to make along the way…

1. Decide which strategy you’re going to follow

How you invest in property will depend on the amount of capital you have to invest, whether your strategy is long or short-term and how much effort you want to put in. If you’re keen to generate an income from property, have a moderate amount of capital to invest and have a long-term view of your investment, a buy-to-let property may be the best option. But if you have a good amount of capital to invest, you might want to consider property development. Many mortgage lenders won’t allow you to borrow money to buy a property that’s not ‘habitable’, plus you’ll need cash to pay for renovations if you purchase a property to develop. Finally, if you’re keen to remain more ‘passive’ with your investment, you could consider a REIT or ‘flipping’. All property investment strategies come with risks, so consider your options carefully and always seek expert advice.

2. Do your research

Much of your success as a property investor will be determined by investing in the right property at the right price. You’ll need to consider your target market for renters or buyers and then look at suitable locations. For example, if you’re looking to target young professional renters with an apartment, is it close enough to a train station or major road for their commute? If you’re looking to develop and sell to a family, what are the schools like nearby?

 3. Research mortgages

Getting a good mortgage deal can have a big impact on your profits. If you’re going down the buy-to-let route, your mortgage payments will eat into your rental profits. And if you’re looking to buy a run-down property to develop, you may not be able to get a mortgage at all and may have to consider alternative finance or spending more of your own capital. Always speak to an independent broker or financial advisor to discuss your funding options before investing in any property.

 4. Make the right offer

Whether you’re purchasing a buy-to-let, or a property to develop, or an off-plan new-build to ‘flip’, what you pay will be key to your success. But for investors, it’s even more important as it has a direct impact on their short and long-term profits.

 5. Choose the right solicitor or conveyancer

This is where more research is needed. As an investor, it can pay to seek out a solicitor with experience of completing investment purchases. For example, if you’re looking to buy a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), where you let the property on a room-by-room basis, having a conveyancer who specialises in shared living properties can help keep your purchase on track. And remember: the faster you can complete your purchase, the greater the boost to your profits.

6. Have a survey

When buying a property to develop, it’s common to find nasty surprises that eat into your budget and reduce your profits. If you’re looking to buy a property that needs work to bring it up to scratch, always have a full structural survey done so you know exactly what you’re buying. A full survey will explore the property’s structure, flagging up any potentially costly issues with subsidence, roof problems or damp.


How much capital you need to invest in property will depend on the strategy you’re adopting and where you’re looking to buy. For buy-to-lets and development homes, you’ll pay more for a property in the South West, for example, than you will in the North West. However, rental prices in the South West are also higher, so you’ll need to weigh up what you want to spend against the returns and yield you’re looking for.


Navigating Q4 2024 Interest Rate Outlooks and Real Estate Dynamics

20 Feb 2024

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Steven Harvey, Founder & Managing Director

Dedicated, Hard Working & Professional

OASiS Estate Agents are not only passionate about property but also the partnership we nurture with our clients.

Meet the Team


I had a truly remarkable experience working with Oasis Estate Agents, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Ryan and Georgina, in particular, were exceptional in their approach, professionalism and friendly behaviour. Their expertise and knowledge were truly impressive, and they went above and beyond to ensure the sale of my property went smoothly. From the initial consultation to the final signing of the contract, they were always available to answer any questions I had and made the entire process stress-free. I'm truly grateful to the entire team at Oasis Estate Agents for their outstanding service, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future
Jayesh Vorani
21:40 01 Mar 23
Oasis were absolutely fantastic with the sale of my flat. Jonathan, Georgina and the sales team made extra effort to ensure they were familiar with the property and had all the information ready to sell. Where a number of other agents failed to sell and made no effort, Oasis came up trumps and it sold! Even after that point, working with Aileen & Karen, their dedicated move managers, they couldn’t do enough to help me with solicitors delays and frustrating hurdles that came up along the way. Oasis certainly made a very stressful experience manageable and they did their best to resolve any issues. A five star team demonstrating five star service!
Rebecca Mullan
20:03 06 Jan 23
It's my first time moving out and Oasis have been perfect. Other agents would either not get back to us and it would be quite difficult to get a hold of them to view a property.Krista has stayed in contact with me from the beginning and has been extremely kind and helpful, as well as staying in contact to ensure we can secure our interest in any of their properties without missing out. Thanks to Krista I was able to secure a very nice and cosy property with a surprisingly fast turnaround.I had a viewing at one property with Matt as well, and he was also very nice and helpful. Sometimes I would even call their office and once I did it before their working hours and Simon would always return my call to see if I still needed help, which I wasn't actually expecting.I have viewed two properties with Oasis, and they were both everything that was advertised, and I felt like I was getting a genuine experience with no doubt on my part.Oasis is a highly professional, kind, friendly and helpful agent and I'm really glad that I dealt with them especially as a first-time mover. Compared to other agents which didn't seem to care about my interest or have a decent standard with their properties, Oasis definitely stands above the rest
Samir Phillipson
08:48 27 Sep 22
Through my dealings with Jonathan Stanton and Ryan Munday I can only say I am impressed. Lovely, personable and helpful.Jonathan, in particular, was instrumental in driving resolution through innovative thinking and personal involvement and commitment. He was always available for me, a true gentleman, empathic, polite, highly professional.I was also impressed with the back office (Karen), for the communications and advice.Everything works well like clock work when you work with Jonathan and his Stains team; thank you very much for all the time, help, support and willingness to go the extra mile for your customers
Swan Thames
15:42 06 Sep 22
Through my dealings with Jonathan Stanton and Ryan Munday I can only say I am impressed. Lovely, personable and helpful.Jonathan in particular was instrumental in driving resolution through innovative thinking and personal involvement and commitment. He was always available for me, a true gentleman, empathic, polite, highly professional.I was also impressed with the back office (Karen), for the communications and advice.Everything works well like clock work when you work with Jonathan and his Stains team; thank you very much for all the time, help, support and willingness to go the extra mile for your customers
Swan Thames
09:13 05 Sep 22
Oasis was recommended to me by a friend who sold her property through them. I was not sure what estate agent to go with but I was not disappointed.All members of the team are friendly and very professional. From valuation, sale and after sales everyone was so very helpful.Johnathan Stanton who valued our home was excellent and such a nice person.The sales team Georgina, Ryan and Simon all so very presentable and professional.Karen and Aileen in the after sales team who were absolutely fantastic. Many times I got quite frustrated with my solicitor and they were always on the end of an email or phone for guidance and help. Thank you.It’s never an easy experience moving but I do think it helped having such an excellent estate agent.Well done Oasis Estate Agents and thank you all so very much
Andrea Copeland
16:44 30 Aug 22
Me and my family recently moved to England and we needed a house quickly. Contacted many agents with no good luck until we talked to Krista from Oasis Estate Agents. Krista was trully incredible. Quick responses, fast action and always keeping us updated. Matt was also great and they make an excellent team. Highly recommended! Xx
Karen Sleseris
09:04 30 Aug 22
Excellent service from Oasis. They made my purchase just painless. Georgina Fielder was amazing, always answering or returning my calls promptly with positive attitude. Just pleasure to speak to her even after the sale was sealed. Many thanks Georgina.
Ivica Pendaroski
11:45 26 Aug 22
I can thoroughly recommend Oasis Estate agents. They have recently sold 2 properties for me and I can't fault them! Communication, advice, decision-making and all-round helpfulness from the beginning of the process to the end has been amazing. The whole team have been great and it's been a pleasure working with them. Thank you!
Linda Grey
11:08 19 Aug 22
I would like to thank Georgina Fielder at the Staines branch of Oasis for helping me find my new house, it hasn't been an easy ride with me being out bid in the first instance. Luckily for me that purchase fell through and Georgina remember how much I wanted the house. She got in touch with me and I was able to secure the house which hopefully I will make into my forever home! Thank you for all your help Georgina.
Sallie Doyle
10:16 11 Aug 22
Krista and Matt were very helpful and supportive throughout. It genuinely felt like they were on our side and just as keen for us to find a place as we were. They respond to queries quickly and in a friendly way. Refreshingly down to earth estate agents.
Roddy Peters
17:43 09 Aug 22
Wonderfully professional company. Lots of contact, but not too much. Lovely attitude to our feedback. Ryan and his colleagues were so easy to deal with
maggie dodge
07:18 27 Jul 22
A superb service from start to finish. We had been looking for a property for a long time and Oasis helped us so much in our search. Matt and Krista were hard working, professional and incredibly diligent when it came to finding us the right properties to view that matched all our criteria. When it came to securing one that we were accepted for they were excellent and punctual in responding to all our questions and issues. We can’t thank them enough for finding our perfect home!
Daniyal and Liz
15:14 15 Jul 22
Highly recommend Oasis. Krista and Matt were an absolute dream to work with. It was a smooth, efficient process and they were both incredibly helpful and always available to cater to our needs.
Candice Plant
09:30 13 Jul 22
Overall a very positive experience with Oasis. When things did go awry they acted swiftly to correct them and listened to my concerns. The team has been really flexible and accomodating, making selling our house feel very supported and have been available to answer queries quickly at any stage of the process. The move manager, Aileen is a legend, literally so communicative and supportive, she kept momentum and always found the answers we requested and made nothing we requested seem like too much trouble. Jonathan and the team have worked well with us to do viewings and the open house and were respectful in coming into our home and they successfully sold it quickly. I would recommend Oasis for selling and would use them again if we were ever in that position locally. Their local knowledge and research prior to their visit really put other agents in the shade. For our onward purchase although not local, Jonathan gave us the benefit of his experience in the area, helped with our research and again quickly gave us reassurance and answers when we needed them.
Donna Lacey
10:46 05 Jul 22
very professional ,yet very friendly and helpful people at Oasis, we had a seamless transaction , no hassle , all went well as it should be.Booked views until we found what we were looking for, and every time Krista was always already there!! What a lovely team !!thank you Oasis team!
liviu andronache
06:59 25 Jun 22
Krista has been a truly professional agent, always ready to respond to every query of ours. She has made sure all our requests were met and it is largely thanks to her we are so excited to be moving to our new place. A wonderful person and a highly recommeded agent. Thank you, Krista!
Krista in the lettings team was very helpful. She made the process of finalising the property very easy for us and the landlord as well. Very prompt service! Thanks a ton!
NIRMAL .R govind
10:22 24 Jun 22
Krista was incredibly helpful and friendly with helping me and my partner with our move. She was very considerate with giving us a guided online tour since we are not from England when most estate agents were reluctant to do this. Highly recommend Oasis estate agents, always happy to answer our questions or guide us in the right direction when they are unsure.
Rachel Ewan
20:34 22 Jun 22
If I have to do my dissertation again I would work on this agency. Management is great and conguralations to Steven and all team. Ryan Mundy knew what we were looking for and helped a lot us to achieve our dream house. He has been fantastic. They are best in Staines and strongly recommend to expand their business to all Surrey. Country needs them..
Efe 84
06:21 31 May 22
I would like to thank Krista from the staines branch for helping me get my first home for me and my baby. she has been so helpful and kind from the start. thank you again for everything.
Hollie Higginson
09:07 13 May 22
Krista was extremely professional and efficient could not have received better service! I called up about a rental and within half an hour had a couple of viewings arranged for the same afternoon. She was so accommodating and helpful and her prompt response to my enquiry allowed me to secure the perfect place!
Sarah Staniforth
13:48 27 Apr 22
The team at Oasis have been fantastic with a special mention to Jonathan, Ryan, Karen and Aileen. From showing us around properties to helping us complete on our dream home the level of service and professionalism has been 5 star. Would recommend them to anyone moving in and around the area. Thank you for keeping us updated throughout this journey!
S Leyland
17:34 25 Apr 22
Matt and Krista in the lettings team are exceptionally professional and provide a very high level of service. They are super knowledgeable and experienced, which helps when being a first time landlord (or tenant). They take great care to ensure both the landlord and tenants are happy. All queries are dealt with efficiently and they do everything possible to reduce the burden on their clients. Looking forward to a long term relationship with Oasis.
Asa Fernandes
13:03 16 Apr 22
Oasis have been great so far in our house buying journey. Ryan was attentive, informative and an absolute professional all the way through. Our move has been managed by Aileen who has ensured momentum in getting us over line with the chain. We were always kept informed of developments and oasis have always been contactable which was reassuring. Oasis seem to be a well run business and we would recommend their services.
Nic Martin
09:11 08 Apr 22
We select Oasis as our agent according to its high feedback score and good experience working with them before. It is still the early stage this time but Oasis staff have already provided efficient and professional support, sound service, really appreciated! Hope everything will go smoothly during the whole contract period. Recommend to choose them!
Bo Wen
10:40 05 Apr 22
Jane and Aileen in Staines Upon Thames office have given us an incredible support during the process of buying our fist property. We wouldn't be able to complete it in such a short period of time without them! They listened to our needs and always came up with the best solution for the seller and us, buyers. Will definitely choose Oasis again when we are back on the house market!
Aleksandra Biernat
09:05 04 Apr 22
Krista was great, in helping me secure the appartment I wanted. Very professional, polite, and prompt in her replies.Mat was amazing too, and went the extra mile to help with whatever was needed.Overall a great experience, Highly recommend.
Katerina Dima
16:46 01 Apr 22
Overall I found that the staff at Oasis Estate Agent gave a very professional service when I sold my house and brought via them.Ryan Mundy was particularly professional and helpful in answering any queries that I had and getting back to me quickly if he was not available.
Tracy Kenward
06:12 01 Apr 22
Many thanks to Steven, Ryan and the selling team. Great customer experience from advertising, and selling my house to purchase my new one. They kept me updated all the way through and provided the needed support till the exchange. Can't wait to move to my new house. Thanks Stephanie.
S. M.
19:14 28 Feb 22
A professional and very helpful team. Always there to answer your questions and make renting a property easier for you. The whole process took less than 10 days and Krista dealt with all my requests very efficiently.
Athena Venios
10:36 28 Feb 22
Matt was very helpful and friendly from start to finish. He was quick with responding to all our needs making the move less stressful. Thank you for helping us settle into our new home.
Elke Dalla Venezia
11:30 25 Feb 22
A big thank you to Krista at Oasis estate agents in Staines. Krista has been a pleasure to communicate with and always provides a precise and quick response to and questions I have had. Krista was very quick to manage my request when viewing a property and providing all further details when making an offer on a property as well. I would most definitely recommend 5* experience. Thank you
Caz Creaney
17:58 24 Feb 22
Great purchase experience - we completed in just under 3 months this included the Xmas period, start to finish. Simon was very easy to deal with.
Karen Jones
06:12 05 Feb 22
I have known Oasis for nearly 17 years, and have always had a professional and caring experience with them. From renting from them in my early career days to purchasing few years later and to completing on my purchase today, I can say that it has been a highly assistive, very caring & highly responsive experience. No question is too small or too big, every query is responded to in detail and timely.Mr. Jonathan Stanton has been an excellent person to deal with, highly pleasurable and great communicator.Simon has been very caring to an extent that whilst I have been abroad working, and not myself in country through the exchange & completion process and will be away for another few weeks, Simon has been kind enough to visit the property periodically post exchange to check everything is alright and has even taken pics of meter readings and sent those out to me. That is some awesome effort and a demonstration of fantastic personalized care towards your customer base.Aileen Farr has been exceptional with her knowledge & experience, in addition a go-to person for any query you may have. Sometimes I have taken question which I should have been asking the Solicitors, and NEVER had a push back, rather continuous assistance and support. Karen has always been very helpful. I do not know of a time when I have called in the past 2 months and not had someone pick up the phone within 4-5 rings and have had calls professionally handled and always every time received a call back within a few minutes if not immediately spoken with.Thank you to a great OASIS team...
Tej Singh
15:13 04 Feb 22
We are first time buyers and although we haven't settled the purchase with Oasis, I wanted to leave a review. Ryan Mundy has been assisting us in looking for properties for some time now and he's been massively helpful. From explaining the complex procedure of buying a property to arranging multiple viewings for the property we liked, he was very responsive and forthcoming. They have been transparent, open and pleasant throughout our dealings with them.
Disha Ahluwalia
22:36 08 Dec 21
Simon and the team have been fantastic throughout the purchase of our new home.The whole team has been very accommodating, going above and beyond to help where possible.It’s made the whole process a lot easier for us.We would highly recommend using Oasis Estate agents.
Paul Burgess
21:36 05 Dec 21
Myself and my partner are first time renters and have been looking for a property for a good while. We finally found one we love and Krista Farnham has been amazing from the outset. She’s been super responsive and helpful and made sure everything has been smooth sailing for us. Not to mention the entire process has taken less than a week from start to finish! We can’t wait to move in and would highly recommend Oasis and Krista to anyone looking for a property to rent!
Georgia Ledbury
16:57 03 Dec 21
Jonathan, Simon and the team at Oasis Staines are a highly responsive agent that we would thoroughly recommend. I called Jonathan in a moment of need when our property sale fell through - within hours we had signed the instruction and the next day (a Saturday), photos and videos were taken. The next working day - with the team working late - the property was live. All agents that attended the property were professional, prompt and knowledgeable. If you're looking for an agent in Staines, you should definitely consider Oasis.
Adam Gogarty
20:20 06 Sep 21
Matthew and Krista both have been very professional and responsive all through the process of letting teo of my properties in Staines-Upon-Thames. A real pleasure to work with both. Strongly recommended.
Alain Mourad
13:10 27 Aug 21
For first time renters Oasis have been incredible. Keeping us up to date on the latest flats suiting our needs and then following up with us when we found a place. They answered all the questions quickly and were very nice about it. Felt very happy with the assistance and guidance we received. They also moved very quickly to get us into our place quicker than we could have imagined. Very professional and all round great experience. Would recommend to anyone
Georgia Rivers
12:10 26 Aug 21
We engaged Oasis to sell my parents home at a quite traumatic time, and found them to be professional, knowledgable, good communicators, as well as exceedingly helpful and showing a huge amount of empathy for the family circumstances. Jonathan and his team always came back to us very quickly regarding any query we had.
Paul Budge
16:23 12 Aug 21
Generally speaking as buyers we were happy about their service, considering also that we were first time buyers. They have been professional and the communication was kept open at all time. During the purchase a problem came up but it turned out to be not the agency's fault, and regardless, they handled the issue professionally and we were able to complete our purchase. I would strongly recommend Oasis :)
Chiara Bonvicini
22:23 06 Aug 21
Amending my review from 1 star to 4 star. I personally went on a visit with Oasis to view a property. The letting agent arrived early, as I had done, which was appreciated given the heat of that particular weekend.She was knowledgeable about the property and responsive to our questions. Although we did not ultimately put a holding deposit down I felt my first review was not representative of the overall professionalism that Oasis can offer, considering this viewing.I would be happy to deal with them again.
Johnathan Dickinson
09:37 21 Jul 21
We just bought our first home and had no previous experience of the entire process. From the beginning we had a great experience with Oasis.Adele found and showed us some great home - one of which was the one we ended up buying. She was absolutely lovely and answered all our questions about each property.Simon helped us to secure our home when we rang with our offer and helped answer queries, as well as Jonathan, who was very kind and helpful throughout.The biggest thank you however has to go to Aileen and Karen - who worked their magic and made sure we managed to beat the stamp duty despite the tight schedule. Could not have done it without them chasing up the seller and the seller's solicitors at crucial times to ensure everything ran on time and went smoothly.I could not recommend Oasis more, and have not had a single bad experience with the. They are friendly, kind, professional and great at communication. They made a very stressful journey so much better.Thank you!
17:27 30 Jun 21
I'm SO GLAD I went with Oasis for the sale of my property, and also relieved I was buying through them too.They're absolutely brilliant, the best in the area by miles.Simon & team orchestrated the sale of my house with such professionalism & expertise, achieving well above asking price in less than a week.And the move team were incredible, I really don't think we'd have hit our deadline without Karen & Aileen pushing it through - they have such a lot of experience, really understanding the industry, how to deal with solicitors & make sure things happen.And lastly they were so personable - I trusted everyone I dealt with, and they made me feel really valued, returning every call & email & supporting me through the whole stressful process.
08:11 22 Jun 21
Excellent service. I dealt with Krista who helped me find my property & went out of her way to answer all my questions (which was a lot!). She kept me updated with lots of information. Very good service & response time was great. Highly recommend.
Gemma Poole
09:25 10 Jun 21
I was looking to move and I found this awesome agency. The Agent Cameron Mackenzie help me to get the house I wanted, and he was very very nice and 100% professional. I’m so thankfull . Thank you so much Cameron, you are the best agent So far, you do the renting process a lot of easier and successful. Now I’m living in my dream house and everything of the house is beautiful. I recommend for sure this agency❤️
Dany Ramos
17:43 08 Jun 21
We put our property on market through 2 agents and sold through Oasis recently. We also bought house from them years ago. I fully agreed with their automated voice message saying that "Oasis is refreshingly different." They are highly professional, proactive and very responsive. Unlike most agents, they are prepared to go extra miles for customers. Jonathan Stanton is a top salesman and negotiator. He is excellent in his job and certainly a valuable asset to Oasis.
Yasmin S
14:50 12 May 21
My experience of Oasis is that this is a professional, process led and well equipped firm.The propert market can easily be a nightmare. For agents barriers to entry are few. Oasis are an impressive operation. Their efforts run through well beyond agreement of sale. Their people are knowledgeable, informed and suitably equipped.Out own sale and purchase would not have happened without a very capable agent.I am eternally grateful to Stephen, Aileen and Jonathon for pulling success from the jaws of defeat.
Having spoken to a couple of other agencies and having had previous viewings, Cameron by far provided the best service from the outset and throughout. At the viewing he was able to answer all of our questions and provided guidance to the renting process. As first time renters, this was invaluable. In addition, Cameron made the whole process as smooth as possible. I would recommend Cameron to anyone who is looking for great service, guidance and a seamless process when property hunting. Thank you.
Camilla Simpson
11:15 17 Apr 21
Outstanding service! I have dealt with many real estate agents over the years across different countries. My experience with Oasis has been by far the best. The team are absolutely focused, responsive and go the extra mile to help. Many thanks.
Anthony Brennan
19:40 23 Mar 21