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The best gift for Mother’s Day

Posted by jane on 28th March 2019
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It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and across the UK mums are set to be treated by their loved ones, but what is really the best gift to give to your precious mum?

Mintel Reports (a unique resource of the consumer market and industry reports worldwide) estimated that around £600 million was spent on Mother’s Day in 2018, with cards and flowers being the most popular gifts. For those who want to splash out on mum, check out how values for other asset types fared:

  • Over the past year the price of cocoa beans, the key ingredient for chocolates, has risen by 15.9%
  • Gold is up by 6.2%.
  • Fine wine and diamonds are slightly cheaper this year than last, suggesting a UK property purchase could have made a more lasting gift for mums over the past 12 months.
  • House prices have risen by 1.7% on average in that time.  However, at £228,000, the average UK house price may be slightly more than most Mother’s Day budgets allow!

So we’ve established that chocolate is the best gift.  Probably knew that all along…  Our favourite pick of Mother’s Day Chocolate Treats?

Prosecco Celebration Wicker Hamper



Available online and at 17 Mercer Walk, Greater London UB8 1LJ


Prosecco Truffle Collection

Prosecco Truffle Collection from Montezuma's


Available online and at 4 Fife Road, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1SZ


The Chocolate & Fizz Collection

Hotel Chocolate-chocolate-and-fizz-collection

Hotel Chocolate

Available online and in Church Street, Kingston, KT1 1RW


Mother’s Day Champagne Truffle Heart Box




William Curley

Available online and at Harrods












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