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Living on the River Thames is considered a great privilege and there are many reasons why. From the beautiful morning chorus of the wildlife to the lazy summer evenings, relaxing after a busy day, living on the Thames really does give you that special feeling. In this video Steven takes you on a tour of the Thames in Staines-upon-Thames and shares his experience of Thameside living.


2014 was the last time that Staines-upon-Thames was majorly affected by flooding. The media attention that the area received was unprecedented and as such, many people who are thinking of moving to the area often ask the question “what about flooding?”.

Thankfully the town has not seen river levels close to those of 2014 due to the Thames alleviation scheme in place. And for added peace of mind, homeowners of properties at risk of flooding can benefit from a government back scheme which provides access to affordable home insurance.


Every insurer that offers home insurance in the UK must pay into the Flood Re Scheme. This Levy raises £135m every year that we use to cover the flood risks in home insurance policies.

Flood Re works with insurers behind the scenes. When you buy home insurance cover, your insurer can choose to pass the flood risk element of your policy to Flood Re for a fixed price.

If you make a valid claim for flooding, your insurer will pay the claim. Later on, Flood Re will reimburse that insurer from the Flood Re fund.

In short, you buy home insurance in the usual way. Flood Re cover the flood risk and that helps to keep your premiums down.


The River Thames between Egham and Teddington is one of the largest areas of undefended, developed floodplain in England.
In the past, the area has suffered serious floods. With climate change, the risk of flooding is only going to grow.
We need a long term, sustainable plan to deal with this risk.
That plan is the River Thames Scheme.

– A new river channel built in two sections – at Runnymede and at Spelthorne
– Improvements to existing river structures
– New recreation areas for communities and habitat for wildlife

These measures will better protect thousands of homes and businesses, enhance the natural environment around the river, and boost the local economy.


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