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Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips to preparing your home for photography and sale.


Many potential buyers will decide whether or not to view your property based on the photographs they see online and in your property particulars so we will always try to present your home in it best possible light.

We are frequently asked for hints and tips and have created the following guide to showing off your home. It is a guide only. We appreciate that it is not always possible to carry out some activities prior to the shooting of photographs so we will always help you on the day of the shoot.

kitchen - st pauls rd

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Homes

  • Keep sinks clear and clean – clear away washing up, draining racks and bowls. Remove tooth brushes etc in bathrooms and any bright coloured bottles from around the bath.
  • De-clutter and clean worktops – less is most definitely more so clear away as much as possible.
  • Make appliances shine inside and out – yes people may well look inside the cooker and microwave!
  • “File” the fridge & microwave – we all do it but try to clear the letters, paperwork, postcards, receipts and the kids artwork off the appliances.
  • Dress to impress – make bathrooms relaxing and welcoming, colour co-ordinate towels etc, consider removing mouldy silicon.
lounge - beehive rd

Around the Home

  • Present rooms for purpose – dining rooms for dining in not glorified dumping grounds.
  • De-clutter – again less is more so try and clear away as much as possible.
  • Clear surfaces – stacks of DVD’s, magazines and chaotic shelves suggest lack of storage.
  • Avoid busy patterns – if possible choose neutral covers for duvets etc.
  • Let there be light – clean the windows, remove the net curtains and in dark areas increase the bulb wattage.
  • Consider de-personalising – the images we take will appear on the internet so you may want to consider removing large family portraits.
  • In the good old days when children only had one toy!   –  it’s always difficult where kids are concerned but try and find a home for the Barbies’ and Batman.
  • Pets – remove litter trays, baskets, scratch posts, cages etc. Some applicants will simply not view a property which has signs of pets. Take dogs for walks when viewings are scheduled.
garden - wistaria cottage

Outside the Home

  • Kerb appeal – First impressions count, clear away any rubbish, hide the bins, re-locate any unused vehicles to friends or park on the road if plenty of parking available.
  • Cut ‘n’ trim – keep lawns cut, trim back hedges, recover flower beds.
  • An extension of the home – treat gardens as if another room and dress accordingly.
  • Invest to impress – plants are expensive so consider adding colour with “take away” plants in pots.
  • De-clutter garages and sheds – if you have them they are a bonus so show them in their best possible light.
riverside - herons rest

And Finally…

  • Living the dream – most buyers will (hopefully) view your home as if it was their own, how it would work for them and their families, so accentuate the positives.

For further advice on presenting your home please call the team on  01784 441818

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