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InspirationEveryone remembers their “firsts”; their first kiss, their first car and probably more than a few other “firsts” which the sensitivities of this webpage do not seek to explore! Perhaps one of the most memorable firsts is the first property ever owned.

A quick straw poll amongst the team at OASiS results in a wide style of “firsts” in this department, from one bedroom maisonettes to three bed Victorian terraces. Regardless of type of property it was and quite often what condition it was in, the important thing was it was theirs, and theirs to do with as they saw fit.

After the undoubted initial euphoria of walking into a new property for the first time the next exciting emotion (or challenge) for most of us is how we make our new home our own. Without exception we inevitably inherit someone else’s personality and tastes, and regardless of their sense of style, we will always want to impose our own.

The rows of magazines on the subject, not to mention the hours of TV air time or web space dedicated to it reflect our national passion and enthusiasm for home design and improvement. For many bricks and mortar provide us with the ultimate blanks canvases from which to explore our own creative ideas on the perfect home.

Away from the sources mentioned above, which are often professionally “designed”, our access to practical inspiration can be somewhat limited. At OASiS we are perhaps more fortunate than most in this respect. In the general course of our work we get to see a vast range of “real, lived in” styles and designs. We get to see what works and what sometimes really doesn’t.

The purpose of this page in our website is to showcase the best examples of home design we see, be that interior or exterior, decorative or built, to hopefully provide inspiration for your next home project.

If you would like to contribute to these pages with your own examples then please email us at, we would love to hear from you, especially if you have good quality before and after images.

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