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OASiS’ take on the numerous TV programmes including Channel 4’s popular Grand Designs programme.

Clarence StreetWe are not necessarily looking for that epic castle conversion or subterranean cave dwelling (although we’d certainly be interested in taking a look), but more the small projects such as kitchen extensions, loft conversions, general extensions and garden rooms etc.

At OASiS we meet many people in the course of our work who are either considering moving to get more space or who are looking to possibly add value down the line. Bizarrely for an estate agent you may think, we frequently suggest people consider extending rather than selling at their market appraisals, if we believe this is a better option. This is not because we have shares in a building firm, but because we have a genuine desire to help people find the right property for them. If this happens to be the one they are already in, with of course some tweaks, then why not say so?

For a lot of people the challenge is to visualise what kind of extension they could achieve with the property they already own and what additional space or features this would give them. But it is not just the existing owners of a property who struggle in this department. Quite often new buyers require help to see how a property could work for them in the future if it doesn’t perfectly work for them now.

Whilst all properties are ultimately different in some way, there are usually similarities which will enable ideas used in one project to be transferred to another. For instance a loft conversion in a typical Victorian Semi is likely to employ similar elements to most others or at the very least highlight the possibilities. The same can be said of most extensions because we are not seeking to re-invent the wheel here.

The purpose of this page in our website is to showcase examples of what can be achieved to provide an insight into how to make existing properties work better. If you would like to contribute to these pages with your own examples then please email us at, we would love to hear from you, especially if you have good quality before and after images of any construction projects at your homes.

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